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TTCombat Colour Spray Primer - Seriously Red

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*rattle rattle... SPRRRRITZ*

We finally cracked the code! We managed to put paint in a can!

The TTCombat Spray Primers are designed to give great coverage on both resin and MDF kits (although we always recommend using MDF Sealer first to save yourself extra paint). We've made a whole range of colours, so whether you're going for the dirty realism of Tank Green, or the more in-your-face Shaltari Orange, there's something for everyone.

Spray Primers are used for basing coating your miniatures and scenery kits. While it's useful to use an undercoat of Black Spectre or White Sphere first, thanks to a dense pigment concentration these paints will give great coverage even without the undercoat.

All of the colours have a flat matte finish, which gives a great effect and also makes your miniatures and scenery ready for brush painting straight away (although give it 30 minutes to dry first).

Always spray in a well ventilated area from an arm's length away using short, controlled bursts for best results.

Spray Primers can only be shipped to the UK mainland. Contains 400ml can of Spray Primer. Any miniatures are for demonstration only and not included. Colours may vary slightly from those shown.

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