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TTCombat Candy Coats Set

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Our paint range is specifically designed for use with hobby miniatures. Once your models are primed, our paints can be used with resin, plastic, metal and MDF models. Our entire range is made up of water based acrylic paints which are suitable for brush work or with an airbrush when thinned. We have an extensive range of colours which also mix incredibly well giving you the freedom to create custom colours for your miniatures.

Candy Coats work best through an airbrush on top of a Silver base coat.

Paints included:
Sphalerite Yellow
Ruby Red
Citrine Yellow
Tourmaline Pink
Sapphire Blue
Onyx Black
Topaz Blue
Idocrase Green
Aragonite Orange
Emerald Green

Each paint bottle contains 17ML of the specified colour. Contains mixture of: BIT, CIT and CMIT/MIT mixture 3-1 (CAS-Nr55965-84-9) Conforms to ASTM-D-4236.

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